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Divine Prescriptions Membership

A sacred, non-judgemental compassionate community of like minded souls on the spiritual path who want to receive divine guidance, vibrational activations, and energetic alchemical healings, so they can live their best life aligned within their highest self. 

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Transformational Soul Coaching 

The Transformational Soul Coaching journey helps you break free from painful limitations and energy structures unconsciously running you, so you can emerge as the free, joyful, unique, butterfly you were always destined to be. When we are tired, unsatisfied, or disheartened with any area of life, feeling not enough, then a healing restoration and transformation is calling to us. 

Receive the transformational energies unique to you, tend to your soul's garden, learn personal tools for healing, and experience true self- intimacy - "Into Me I See."

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Embody The Sacred Alchemy of You 

Abandon Your self For Big Love

Coming Summer 2024