"Until we make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it fate." 

~ Carl Jung

The Soul Transformation Journey

Renew   Reclaim  Rebirth



At the heart of the Soul Transformation Journey is Soul reclamation, renewal, and rebirth because that is how we transform our life into the infinite, magical, joy-filled state of living in Heaven on Earth. The Soul Transformation Journey is about saying yes to yourself and your freedom, so you can truly experience the life, relationships, health, body, abundance, and peace of mind that you desire and to manifest your soul's destiny. It's about getting off the hamster wheel of repeating patterns and raising into an entirely new dimension of life and love. 

You can awaken from lower levels of vibratory consciousness, such as fear, worry, and distrust, and ascend into greater levels of being like joy and agape love that your Soul is calling for you to do. This may sound lofty, yet awakening into freedom, peace, love, ease, and joy is a possibility that awaits us all. It is happening now as more and more soul beings are awakening into the truth of who they really are within.

If we don't awaken from these lower vibrational states, we allow our internal unconscious demons and fearful mental habits to run us, even thinking and believing it's who we really are. We then turn every situation into the same painful drama as before and wonder why our life isn't working, why we haven't found love, why our bodies hurt, why we have a lack of something, or why we are experiencing pain. "Until we make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it fate." Expelling all the lies against your soul is the only path to true freedom and true love. 

The Transformational Journey with Cheryl is a chance to deep dive into yourself, alchemizing what is no longer working in your life and turning it into the compost and medicine that feeds and cares for your Soul. It is your opportunity to transcend limitations and experience true freedom. 

The Soul Transformation Journey is for anyone ready to reclaim their power and sovereignty in every area of their life including with their body, finances, time, energy, work, purpose, with romantic relationships, friends, loved ones, and more. The reason all these life areas can be impacted is because we work at the heart of each area and that is about healing and transforming your relationship with yourself, the universe, life, LOVE, and the divine.  

This deep dive is a chance to experience real love, joy, and presence as you grow yourself into new possibilities and let go of the gunk that weighs you down, even gunk you didn't know you carried. Just as the caterpillar goes through a transformation, the Soul Transformation Journey will lead you into the luminal space where the imaginal cells of your being will be allowed to rebuild into the magnificent butterfly you were made to always be. For that to happen, the caterpillar must let go of the resistance, protections, ego agendas, and all the lies and holds against their soul. Then you can reawaken, remember, and reclaim who you truly are and who you came here to be. 

The Soul Transformation Journey

Is For You If....

 * You keep dating the same man or woman with a different name and experience similar issues in the relationship as you have with previous partners.


* Your partner and you keep having the same arguments, painful conversations, or recurring dramas.


* You don't feel heard, seen, loved, acknowledged, supported, or chosen in relationships.


*You're tired, burned out, and even feel resentful of others, life, and love.


*You compare and judge yourself, your body, your relationships, and life to externals.


*You have a love hate relationship with money. 


*You're in pain, physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually


* You find yourself always working hard, striving, doing your best and it doesn't feel like it's ever good enough. 


* You've implemented manifestation tools, positive affirmations, and even worked with counselors and spiritual healers, yet you still don't have what you desire, nor do you feel true ease, peace, and infinite joy.


*You don't feel loved, lovable as you are, or deeply in love with yourself


* You feel lonely, on your own, or that everything is on your shoulders.

*You navigate relationships by creating mental plans to avoid confrontation, ignore your needs, or even shapeshift to please others.


*You judge others and hold judgments of yourself


* You find yourself being emotionally triggered by external sources way too often and are derailed by outside circumstances.


* You keep yourself busy, busy, busy and can't sit down and relax, meditate, or stay present in the moment.


* You worry about other people, then try to fix, change, help, or find a solution for them, all to no avail.


* You find yourself saying you don't have enough time, money, energy, support, help, love, and other categories of not enough of something.


* Your heart has been broken over and over and you haven't found "the one."


* You have unforgiveness towards another or others.


*You are overly empathic, psychically sensitive, experience energy drains with people, psychic vampirism, and resort to avoidance, hiding, over use of energy protective tools such as crystals and affirmations, and other protective mechanisms to stay safe


* You have boundary violation with your parents, or you are emotionally triggered when you're around your parents, feeling hurt, anger, or frustration with them regarding anything they say or do on any subject matter.

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