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As a lifelong, multidimensional Intuitive, Energy Alchemist, Divine Channel, and Transformation Facilitator, I work with souls on the spiritual path to heal, transform, and return home to their sovereign Sacred Self, so they can experience the freedom, authentic joy, and real divine love that comes from living their soul's divine destiny.


About Cheryl

"There are those special souls brave enough to finally accept they have simply been living as a hungry ghost and that nothing external can ever fulfill their Soul.

This acceptance marks the moment when the hero embarks on the journey to unpack the suitcase of her soul, reclaiming her inner compass to trust her spiritual guidance system, transforming her life, to return home and reclaim her Sacred Self. When she embodies the light of love inside her open full heart, then she will realize the truth of who she has always been, and that she was already home inside joyful love all along."   ~ Cheryl McCallister

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Divine Prescriptions Membership


A sacred, non-judgemental compassionate community of like minded souls on the spiritual path who choose to receive spiritual medicine in the form of intuitive divine guidance, spiritual  teachings, vibrational activations, and energetic alchemical healings from the Angelic Realms and Beyond, that transform core limiting patterns and structures at the root of life problems, so we can live our best life aligned within our highest self. 

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Transformational Soul Journey

The Transformational Soul Coaching journey helps you break free from painful limitations and energy structures unconsciously running you, so you can emerge as the free, joyful, unique, butterfly you were always destined to be. When we are tired, unsatisfied, or disheartened with any area of life, feeling not enough, then a healing restoration and transformation is calling to us. 

Receive the transformational energies unique to you, tend to your soul's garden, learn personal tools for healing, and experience true self- intimacy. 

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Intuitive Consultations & Energy Alchemy    


Seven Categories To Choose From 

  • Intimacy Soul Session
  • Relationships & Love
  • Body Mind Health
  • Abundance Money Wealth
  • Career Purpose Passion & Business
  •  The Highly Sensitive Soul
  • Ascension Awakening & Spiritual Path 
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Embody the Sacred Alchemy of You     

Abandon Your self For BIG Love

Course Coming 2024

Heal and release all the unconscious ways you leave yourself for external love, validation, approval seeking and more, and fall into the arms of a higher frequency love. 

Praise & Lov

Real life transformations 

Working with Cheryl is the best gift I’ve ever given myself. Her unwavering support was crucial in over-coming significant traumas that plagued my body and soul.

Our journey together was marked by deep engagement, with both of us contributing 110% effort to transform negative patterns and collapse the long-held stuck energies in my body and life.

A standout moment was when she channeled the words and energy of the Divine Mother in the form of Mother Mary, facilitating a complete and pure transformation within me. Even at a distance, I could actually feel the energy healing flow through my body. The experience was nothing short of miraculous, allowing me to evolve beyond the person I once was—someone consumed by anger, pain, depression, exhaustion, and sadness. Her ability to channel messages and healings from spirit was a key component in my journey back to a state of wholeness and self-love.

Her teachings have  transformed my relationship with myself, my body, and profoundly impacted all my relationships. She equipped me with valuable life skills, practical tools, energy meditations, and the support and knowledge to embrace long-forgotten wounded parts of myself.

I am eternally grateful and can't thank her enough.

Jennie Strait
Business Development
Real Estate Agent

"Cheryl is not just a guide; she is a gift to this world. My gratitude and love for her are beyond words. She has been a guiding light in my darkest times, showing me my own light and potential. Her influence will forever be a cherished part of my journey." ~ Jennie


"Cheryl is an extraordinary Being whose presence has intricately woven itself into the tapestry of my life, leaving an indelible mark on who I am becoming.

Cheryl was recommended through a trusted friend. I didn’t have grandiose desires for wholeness, freedom, self-awareness, or self-love; those are states of being I either thought I already was or didn’t even know existed at that time. I simply sought solace from a broken heart.

Professed "Self-Help" gurus seem to be a dime a dozen nowadays. You can pay anyone to tell you what you want to hear. That is not what working with Cheryl is—she didn't tell me what I wanted to hear. She empowered me with what I need to know to set me on a path of healing." 

Denise Wilke
Founder: Demise for the Wise

"As I worked with Cheryl we uncovered the patterns of behavior that I was operating on, that were my blind spots…patterns and adaptive behaviors that were developed in childhood to help me be safe and feel safe.  They were patterns that offered a false sense of safety in adulthood and held me back in areas of my life such as work and relationships.

I spent a lot of time in my life trying to fix or change others (because I know best!) not realizing change begins within. I remember telling Cheryl that the man I loved was the first person I thought of in the morning and the last person I thought of before I went to sleep.  She said, “What if YOU were the first person you thought of.”  I was gob smacked. It may be obvious to some, but I am a recovering over-giver and lacked boundaries, and my midwestern and religious upbringing (a.k.a. programming) taught me to give give give, and if I gave enough, I would be rewarded. I lacked the ability to feel my feelings since they were repressed by 40+ years of a smile on my face, happiness, and laughter, all which were masks. 

I had no sense of what emotions really were and how they felt. I lacked compassion. I lacked empathy.  

Change and evolution do not come overnight.  It is through continual sessions with Cheryl that I have become a noticeably different person.  I walk through life with less weight, my inner light shines brighter, I am more self-aware, and I’m more in tune with my inner compass.  I am more authentic in who I am.     

The biggest gift I received from Cheryl was the space to be witnessed, in all my messiness, and in all my glory.  It is life changing to truly be seen.     

I can’t say I have everything figured out, but I now have tools and support to continue to grow organically and walk a path that is uniquely Me. That is Self-Love. That is Wholeness. That is Freedom.

Cheryl touches the world with a grace and wisdom that is rare and beautiful and I am grateful to have found her." ~ Denise

"I have always had a passion for understanding myself, the people I interact with, and to cultivate awareness about the world we live in and how we all operate. However, what I learned from working with Cheryl is that you can have a logical understanding and passion for something, but it only becomes life-changing and in its full power when you can use the awareness to go inside and heal the core wounds from which you are operating, to come back to love.

When I started working with Cheryl, I didn't have many memories from before I was 15 years old, which was pretty alarming to me the more I learned about dissociation. While I haven't yet gotten all those memories back, I have gone to depth within myself that far reaches the memories we construct from time periods in our lives. I have freed myself from limiting beliefs, excruciating hurts, and unconscious patterns that were dictating my life and keeping me stuck mentally, emotionally, and physically.

In the year and a half that I've been doing this work, my life has dramatically changed. I am able to have deeper connections with my loved ones, experience more flow and less drama in everyday life, find peace and trust in my purpose and path, grow my business beyond my dreams, and most importantly, be a regulated adult that can hold space for their wounded little ones.

Ashley Ihemelu FNTP, MNBP, MBCE
Holistic Root Cause Practitioner 

This work has changed every aspect of my life for the better, and I'm often brought to tears thinking of the gratitude I have for Cheryl, her gifts, and the gracious way she teaches. It has been the biggest gift of my life to work with Cheryl; a gift that has had a ripple effect that reaches beyond my personal growth, but has impacted the growth of my relationship with my husband, my relationship with my children and how I parent, and the interactions I have with family, friends, and clients."  ~ Ashley

More Love Notes

About Cheryl

For over two decades, Cheryl has dedicated herself to working in the intuitive, conscious-based healing and consulting field. Her work seamlessly integrates her multifaceted, multidimensional, intuitive energy alchemy gifts, divine channeling capacities, and her higher education in Contemplative Somatic Psychology and certifications in energy medicine healing, transformational healing and coaching including brain-based transformation, meditation, soul retrieval, inner child healing, parts and shadow integration, breathwork, and plant spirit healing.

"My purpose is to be a vessel for the Divine Mother, channeling healing love, grace, and divine light, to help others finally lay down the pain, hurt, sadness, and suffering that keeps them feeling separate from their joyful, higher self and divine destiny. You can live your heaven on earth life. It’s right here waiting for you."

My Story


From the moment I arrived on Earth, I've treaded the delicate balance between realms, navigating diverse dimensions of consciousness while playing in the human experience. Unlike most, I arrived with open and awakened higher perceptual capacities and chose not to suppress my spiritual gifts in childhood when the doorway to higher sensory capacities usually closes. My journey into consciousness-based spiritual studies commenced at 15 years old when I discovered my experience of the world was actually colored with heightened spiritual experiences and psychic, intuitive capacities. I learned then that my earlier childhood perceptions of the world differed from most others because of my spiritual experiences and ability to see and sense beyond the veil. 

Earth bound spirits roamed my house and the playground at school, loving voices guided and spoke with me often, I telepathically communicated with plant spirits and animals, and often danced my fingers around in different positions at night before falling asleep - making mudras- to watch the light flow and glow off my hands.

I embarked on a spiritual journey to better understand my multidimensional intuitive and healing abilities, eventually refining and attuning my innate capacities into highly spiritual gifts. Although I spoke with angels and had extra sensory perceptions, this does not mean my road was easy. I still had my personal brand of childhood traumas and wounds from the past playing out in the present. Living under a cloud of judgments, I felt the pain of being different from my peers, even hating myself and wishing I was made differently. I devised all sorts of compensatory programs for coping. I would either unconsciously over-expand myself using my spiritual gifts in an attempt to feel special, seen, wanted, and loved, or hide away and self-suppress who I was through gnarly behaviors, self-sabotage, and painful costumes to fit in a box called normal. All of it was an attempt to feel safe and get a little love. Thank goodness none of those compensatory behaviors could ever really work. At a soul level I knew I was here to personally heal and transform myself for freedom. I committed to my spiritual path and healing transformation knowing I could only be of true service to others by healing all the obstacles and wounds to divine love within me. It was a long wild ride filled with betrayal, self-abandonment, sorrow, regret, and ultimately, forgiveness, all leading me on a return journey home to love and a deeper understanding of the entire reason for the journey. 

My road has been paved with much loss, betrayal from mentors, childhood trauma wounds from loved ones, past life wounds, many dark nights of the soul, and a long-time repeated illness begging me to fully accept my authentic divine self. The gift of my journey is that I deeply know the road of personal, spiritual transformation because I made healing and transforming myself for freedom my main purpose in life. It has been through my spiritual studies, personal healing journey, and continuous recommitment to alignment in divine love that I can fully own my innate, ever-evolving spiritual capacities and amazing soul gifts, to be here as a channel for the divine to help others transform.

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For all you highly sensitive, overly psychic, empathic, special souls, star beings, and brave ones on the spiritual path of healing....I get it!

I know what it’s like to be afraid to come out of the intuitive, spiritual closet and be truly authentic as I AM. I know what it’s like to be so psychically empathic that there was a time I couldn’t even go into the grocery store unless it was midnight when the place was empty. I understand the difference between psychic empathy that is trauma-based versus psychic empathy as a spiritual gift. I've experienced spiritual emergency, and not having the valuable support to align in the spiritual emergence happening through me. I've felt the fear of abandonment and loss because I chose to stand for something bigger than myself. I know what it's like to have wounded selves running me and how to receive the messages they have for true healing. I am highly clairaudient and know what it’s like to hear and even be taken over by provoking, unkind, negative voices trying to sabotage inner alignment with the love and light in our hearts. I’ve faced metaphorical and literal demons and as a result stand more strongly in my power as a bridge of light on Earth.

My message to you is that angels surround you and you are not alone. You are enough. You are truly perfect as you are, made in the image and likeness of the divine. You are valuable and you matter. You being you is all you ever needed to be.

It's safe now. You can heal and be free. You can experience deep unwavering love.

The life you are longing for is here now waiting for you to emerge as the magnificent light being you came here to be with Mother Earth.