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The Divine Prescriptions Membership is a sacred, non-judgmental, compassionate community of like-minded souls on the spiritual path who want to receive divine medicine through spiritual guidance, higher vibrational activations, and energetic alchemical healings, to help them live their best, most joy-filled life aligned in their highest self.

What are Divine Prescriptions ? 


Divine Prescriptions are channeled spiritual medicines in the form of intuitive guidance, spiritual teachings, vibrational energies, and healing activations that heal and transform core patterns, structures, and areas of consciousness at the root of life problems. They nourish and heal your body, mind, and soul to activate a new dimension of possibility in all areas of life. 

Love Notes

From Divine Prescriptions Community

¬†‚̧ԳŹ‚̧ԳŹ‚̧ԳŹ I‚Äôve been meaning to reach out to you to tell you how fabulous your new program is!!!


I was really impacted. ‚ú®ūüôŹūüŹĽ


From the way one woman’s wound is shared by each of us to your insight on expansion and creating a container where everyone can share freely. 


I keep thinking how it is creating community.

Wow ‚̧ԳŹ‚̧ԳŹ‚̧ԳŹ

I joined Divine Prescriptions not knowing exactly what to expect, maybe a couple of helpful exercies or meditation, but what was shared in these sessions was so much deeper.


The information given through Cheryl was amazing in itself, but the shared energy with the other people in attendance was incredible!


Sometimes, we just need a little reminding of who we are, and these sessions are just that...beautiful nudges from the universe to get us back on track.¬†‚̧ԳŹ

This is my first time attending Divine Prescriptions.


It's wonderful, powerful work and I'm grateful to be here and I'm grateful to the women that have done their healing work tonight.


after a facilitation in Divine Prescriptions 

Oh my goodness, thank you so much. 

I'm very aligned with this healing work you're doing. It is absolutely the time for me to do this work!


Hi!! Wonderful session last night.

I just wanted to give you that feedback. It was nice to hear what other people are going through and you were right, a lot of what they talked about related to me. It was also really nice to see you on Camera! You look beautiful!ūüíĖūüíĖ

The Truth Is...


*Your life challenges, pain, and relationship struggles with

loved ones, your body, health, money, time, and energy are

sacred opportunities showing you where your soul needs

to return home to divine love, to heal, and transform 


*You are a being of joy, love, possibility, freedom, and abundance

*You are on a return journey home to your sacred self, even if

you don't consciously know this  

*You being the true you is what the world is waiting for


*The Sacred You within is the One you are seeking 

*Joy is your divine birthright

*Now is the time for you to accept the infinite and profoundly

miraculous being you are and have always been

*You can choose to receive the power of divine love and grace to heal your soul

*Your divine team, angelic guides, and spiritual grace are waiting for you

*You don't have to walk this path alone 


Divine medicine is how we transform ourselves and our life


When you transform, the world transforms


Your loved ones automatically receive the benefit 

There is a Divine Prescription for Everyone


The following life categories, topics, and benefits are some of the possibilities

that can awaken and unfold for you inside the

Divine Prescriptions Membership


  • Heal stubborn problems, repeated patterns, old hurts, and communication blocks with friends, family, spouse, partner, and co-workers¬†
  • Learn tools for navigating relationship issues and conflicts- collapsing relationship timelines
  • Get to the root of co-dependency and stop people¬†pleasing and abandoning yourself in relationship with all others
  • Activate healthy relationship boundaries with an open heart aligned in your higher self
  • Release negative painful attractor factors to the same people with a different name
  • Deepen your connections
  • Heal Mother and Father wounds
  • Learn how to honor yourself and your voice in relationships
  • Free yourself from victim, victor, and defender ego mentality

Health & Body

  • Heal energetic traumas and soul loss at the root of physical, mental, and emotional issues and dis-ease
  • Activate, repair, and reprogram the Subtle Body Anatomy, including your Chakras and Auric Field for healing and vitality
  • Activate the Christ Mirror Body for energy manifestations¬†
  • Heal ancestral traumas at the root of many dis-eases and body problems¬†
  • Learn how to listen to your body deva for healing guidance and somatic attunement
  • Meet and discharge emotions with intelligence and grace for true healing, soul retrieval, and inner child integration
  • Transform weight into wellness
  • Access body forgiveness, acceptance, and self-love¬†
  • Gain food freedom

Manifesting Love

  • Fall in Love with the One
  • Release patterns and blocks that keep you from attracting real, lasting, and authentic love
  • Activate and awaken your sacred potent pleasure power center to energetically attract and embody higher states of love and romance¬†
  • Heal negative thought forms, fears, and protector energies that keep your heart closed¬†
  • Activate unconditional self-love and body deva attunements to divine love
  • Stop self-abandonment, approval seeking, and looking for love in all the wrong places¬†
  • Access resourced love and joy to manifest Emerging Love
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Release limited love, open the heart, and become Embodied Love
  • Meet Your Sacred Lover

Soulful Life Purpose

  • Attune to your soul codes and light frequency harmonics to activate your soulful purpose
  • Learn how to be and stay in alignment with your higher self/divine essence ¬†
  • Release limited ego protectors that block access to your divine destiny
  • Clear ancestral binds, curses, or holds that keep you stuck and disconnected from your purpose
  • Activate your creative life force
  • Learn how to allow your divine destiny to guide your life path and choices
  • Surrender ego will to divine will

Money & Abundance

  • Heal, transform and cleanse your relationship with money
  • Learn the laws of emerging abundance vs. manifestation and live in invite possibility¬†
  • Activate abundance and release unhealthy ego programs associated with safety and security that block true abundance freedom
  • Stop playing out "not enough" and release debt consciousness
  • Release money blocks such as having to "earn your keep", unconsciously proving your value and worth, over-giving time, money, and energy, and being "too much"
  • Rewire new possibilities for abundance, forgiving money, God, and life. ¬†
  • Clear limited ancestral money constructs, blocks, holds, and bindings within the DNA and subtle body codes

Intuition Clarity

  • Learn how to attune to your inner divine compass and trust yourself
  • Activate your personal spiritual gifts with tips, tricks, and tools specific to those gifts
  • Learn energy enhancing tools and protections for empaths, psychic sympathy, and spiritual sight
  • Heal the wounds that created mistrust in your psychic gifts & embrace your spiritual powers¬†
  • Release the wounds of psychic empathy and become an empowered empath
  • Connect with your spiritual guides and meet your very own energy angel bouncer¬†

Spiritual Connection

  • Heal your relationship with life, God/Source, and the Divine Mother
  • Leave the realm of spiritual bypass to spiritually thrive and fully embody yourself
  • Heal the root of core wounds with the divine, throughout timelines and dimensions, with higher spiritual grace and Divine Love¬†
  • Balance within the divine masculine and divine receptive feminine
  • Become a Bridge of Light and channel for higher frequencies
  • Connect with the upper, lower, and middle realms for support, transformation, and higher guidance
  • Activate and embody higher states of consciousness through meditation and energy activations

Ascending Souls

  • Receive support and integration for body up levels, spiritual DNA light code activations, and more
  • Truly ground spiritual emergence, psychic awareness awakenings, & empathic sensitivity
  • Awaken and remember your Starseed self, fully embody your Starseed gifts, and activate your service and love on Earth¬†
  • Heal past life traumas and blocks to fully stand in your divine sovereignty
  • Become the bridge of light you came here to be and embody the transformational leader that is your divine destiny
  • Tools for true grounding with Mother Earth's real, highest essence
  • Support for activating and awakening a new Earth through your personal divine blueprint ¬†


Your personal questions are the key to unlocking

Divine Prescriptions

Join Here

What You Receive


  • Channeled intuitive guidance for clarity and healing

  • Answers to your personal questions, life topics, and struggles

  • Practices and tools to heal and support your body, finances, relationships, and to strengthen alignment with your higher self

  • Clearings for limiting, unconscious beliefs manifesting painful experiences, issues, and struggles blocking true freedom

  • A sacred container where all of you is unconditionally welcomed and loved

  • Channeled energy meditations and healing activations

  • Divine medicine to nourish your soul for greater peace, love, and connection

  • Restructuring of your subtle body anatomy, chakra system, and neural map to transform your life, so you can better manifest what you truly desire¬†

  • Soul growth: learn higher vibrational tools you can implement for yourself and others as you grow on your spiritual path ¬†

  • Spiritual Counsel to transform your life, health, love, relationships, and body

  • Support for spiritual emergence, ascension, and Starseed awakening

  • Regular, ongoing spiritual guidance so you can't slip back into old ego behaviors, programs, and limiting habits

  • A tribe of like minded souls on the spiritual path of awakening

  • A deeper spiritual connection with your angelic team, spiritual guides, soul family, and Spirit

  • Over 20 years of knowledge, wisdom, intuitive guidance, and spiritual coaching with Cheryl


How It Works



Two Virtual Gatherings A Month

Online via Zoom Webinar


1  1/2  to 2 1/2  Hours for Each Gathering 

(meeting length depends on participant questions)


Tuesday's @ 5:30pm Pacific Time

  • Cheryl is the only person who will be seen live on camera


  • Participants live Q & A are off camera and members will only hear participants audio


  • Attendees to live events can converse with each other in the chat box


  • Recordings made available in your library portal 24 hours after each gathering



Divine Prescriptions Format 


Creating A Sacred Container: Opening Prayer and Invocation  


Facilitated Energy Alignment: Grounding and Centering


Connecting With Your Divine Team: Attuning to Your Spirit and Angel Guardian


Attuning to the Group Energy: Channeled Spiritual Guidance for the Group


Question and Answer: Divine Prescriptions for Participant Questions

All of you is welcome!
Your questions are the most important part of the sacred gathering.
Everyone benefits!


Group Healing Activation: Subtle Body Energy Healing and Channeled Guidance


Closing The Sacred Container: Gratitude and Appreciation 


June Enrollment



  • One month (30 Day) enrollment in the Divine Prescriptions Membership¬†
  • Two online meetings¬†
  • Tuesday's @ 5:30pm PT¬†
    • June 4th & 18th
  • 90 minutes to 2 1/2 hours each gathering
  • Access to recordings available for 30 days after enrollment period expires

June, July, August : Three Month Enrollment



  • Three month (90 Day) enrollment in the Divine Prescriptions Membership: paid monthly
    • June 4th & 18th¬†
    • July 9th & 23rd
    • August 6th & 20th
  • Tuesday's @ 5:30pm PT
  • 90 minutes to 2 1/2 hours each gathering
  • Access to recordings available for 30 days after enrollment period expires¬†

June, July, August : Bring A Friend - Three Month Enrollment



  • Three month (90 Day) enrollment in the Divine Prescriptions Membership: paid monthly¬†
    • June 4th & 18th¬†
    • July 9th & 23rd
    • August 6th & 20th¬†¬†
  • Tuesday's @ 5:30pm PT
  • 90 minutes to 2 1/2 hours each gathering
  • Access to recordings available for 30 days after enrollment period expires¬†

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