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Intuitive Consultations & Energy Alchemy Defined


Intuitive Consultations are an intuitive reading of a particular situation and the energetic architecture that is creating a clients current reality, sense of self, state of being, and life experience in order to help change a personal struggle associated with a particular life category and area of concern. Our energetic architecture and associated core structures manifest our future potentialities and current life experience, often creating automatic and unconscious ‚Äúrepeating realities‚ÄĚ. ¬†If you're not happy with your current reality in any life area, then it's time for a healing and upgrade to your energetic architecture.


Why does changing the energetic architecture work?


Everything is energy. Where we place our consciousness, directs our life force energy. Life force energy can become unconsciously stuck because of past experiences.


The energetic architecture is comprised of every painful and traumatic experience we've gone through as a Soul from childhood until now, including previous lives, that have not been fully addressed and healed. These create core limiting structures that can include unconscious programs, judgments, beliefs, frozen trauma bubbles, stored previous unintegrated realities, and payoff programs, as well as holds, bindings, curses, ancestral energies, and even gestational Soul woundings from the surrounding environment.


These core limiting structures¬†from this and other lifetimes, manifest our future potentialities and present life experiences, often creating automatic and unconscious ‚Äúrepeating realities‚Ä̬†we do not desire or choose for ourself.¬†Repeating realities are the painful and unwanted experiences we repeat in our relationships with loved ones, work, money, our bodies, minds, emotions, and other life categories.¬†


Until we unblock and release life force energy, upgrading our energetic architecture and associated structures, we will continue to manifest the same repeating realities and unwanted experiences in our life. 


In order for true change to occur so we can experience an entirely new reality, even making quantum leaps into new dimensions in our relationships, finances, body, career, and our spiritual gifts, we must make a fundamental shift in the energetic architecture creating our realities.


Energy Alchemy is the key component to creating a shift in the old energetic architecture and comprises many transformational healing tools as well as spiritual medicine, channeled guidance, and energetic healing support from loving, divinely aligned non-physical beings, with the greatest tool of all being healing streams of unconditional love and grace. In the Quantum realm these are considered non-local energies and scalar waves. We can call forth these fields of potentiallity from the infinite field when we raise our consciousness into higher brain wave states of receptivity, where healing and transformation is possible. 


Energy Alchemy can help to create a fundamental shift in consciousness because we address the root cause of trapped energy that is keeping us locked in a timeline recreating our ‚Äúrepeating realities.‚ÄĚ When we free trapped unconscious programs and energies we untangle ourselves from sources of limitation and move toward a path of freedom.


In freedom we can choose an entirely new dimension. In freedom we now stand in the creator position and use our consciousness, our awareness, our precious life force energy to create and thrive inside our Soul's Divine Destiny. With this reclaimed power as a creative, magical, infinite being, we are able to create a different life experience that is in harmony with the love, joy, freedom, and ease of our true essence, our Sacred Self. 


Intuitive Readings with Cheryl are not...

a reading of the probabilities, possibilities, projections, and perceptions that most intuitive readings address in order to tell the future, perceived outcomes, or provide a security net of information for the ego mind to feel safe so it can create a sense of illusionary control and limiting security from an outside source.

Love Notes


Format & Flow


‚ú® Six Life Categories:

Relationships & Love

Body Mind Health

Abundance Finances Money  

Career Life Purpose Passion Business

The Highly Sensitive Soul

Ascension Awakenings & Spiritual Pathway


Together, aligned in source love energy we will set a sacred co-creative container on your behalf to receive the help of beautiful, loving, non-physical beings and tend to the messages of your Soul. These messages are being communicated to you through your longings, desires, wishes, lack of clarity, discomfort, frustrations, problems, confusion, or disharmony in a situation that falls under one of the six life categories for  Intuitive Consultations with Energy Alchemy.


We will look at the energetics of one specific area of concern, receive the soul messages and spiritual guidance for that situation. Then with spiritual support, alchemize the energy for transformation. As the energetic architecture holding the problem in place shifts, your consciousness shifts and you can experience peace in the present moment, receive a new perspective, new path, and effortlessly manifest a different version of reality in that life category. A reality in harmony with love, joy, freedom, and the ease.


How do I know what Life Category to choose?


Trust that the Angels and Divine Helpers already understand the intricacies of your situation and will provide the perfect guidance and healing for your chosen area, even when your topic threads through several life categories.


Your area of concern may fall underneath the umbrella of one or several life categories because of your unique life and circumstances. The key is to be clear about the one situation, struggle, or area of concern that you want to address and transform. This way you can gain the most traction for true healing and transformation in your life.


For example there is an issue concerning a relationship at work and it's causing worry and pain. Thinking about the situation at work, possibly having to change jobs, brings up money fears and survival worries. In this case three life categories are up for attention, relationships, career, and money, yet the original heart of the situation is a relationship issue causing pain. If there is no original dissatisfaction with the chosen career, then we would address the co-worker relationship. The money may seem secondary, but in truth the relationship conflict has helped to bring conscious attention to the insecurities with money that also require change work and healing. In this case, a relationship consultation would be scheduled to help address the original pain point with a co-worker, then the clarity and healing around safety, security, and money issues can be addressed in a follow up appointment.


Another example would be feeling dissatisfied, board, passionless, or uncertain about your life path or direction. You could choose Relationship because this is about the relationship with yourself, or Life Purpose for you Intuitive Consultation with Energy Alchemy. You may even be ready to dive deeper and schedule an Intimacy Soul Session. 


‚ú®Intimacy Soul Session

Remember Who You Truly Are


Intimacy Soul Sessions look beyond the veil to the bright light of your authentic essence, which holds your Soul’s Codes and the Seeds of Destiny that you came to plant, cultivate, and birth as your joyful life. The Angels and I will address the core structures and patterns that require a fundamental transformation as well as an action plan for repairing and healing your energetic architecture. Intimacy Soul Sessions can offer you an entirely new possibility and perspective by helping you remember and even reignite a thriving, passionate relationship with your True Self, setting you on the path to Emerge as the fullest expression of your Joyful Authentic Self. 

Intuitive Consultations & Energy Alchemy

Booking Categories


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Behind the Veil

Into Me I See

The Being That I Am

The One I Came Here To Be

Unlocking My Heart

Setting My Self Free

 so finally.... 

I Emerge

As My Real Self

Joyfully Authentic

Fully Being Me 


Intimacy Soul Sessions look beyond the veil to the bright light of your authentic essence, which holds your Soul's Codes and the Seeds of Destiny that you came to plant, cultivate, and birth as your joyful life. By being truly seen for the being you are, it can help set you on the path to Emerge as the fullest expression of your Joyful Authentic Self. 


Being truly seen for who we are at our core, changes everything! 


Our Soul arrives on Earth knowing that to become human means we will forget our true nature as we fully immerse ourself into separation consciousness. We literally play pretend on ourself, embarking on a journey, that over time covers up the light of our true nature because we look outside of ourselves into a sea of illusion to develop our sense of self in the world. That illusion includes the cultural and familial conditioning that surrounds us, as well as all our childhood experiences and wounds, and even includes previous life time wounds carried by the Soul. 

Instead of living as our infinite authentic Soul Self, we become another version of the illusion. The conditions and woundings cause us to birth protective ego and managerial structures that become our personality and actually cover up our unique essence. We become what others tell us we should be or have in order to stay safe, be loved, seen, heard, honored, to matter, be valuable, or feel worthy and enough. All sorts of coping strategies are developed as we literally believe the lies against our Soul nature. We know the words, energies, and actions that conditioned us are lies because they hurt and were not based in unconditional love. They were not Real Love. In our childlike innocence we believed the people telling us the lies because they were so strong in their conviction of it being true, for they too had become hypnotized long ago, already under the deep spell of sleep and lies against their Soul. 

At some point the free spirited, alive child of divinity is covered up, and the dreamy dreamer falls asleep, all the while believing and thinking they are awake. 

As we grow, we develop more and more coping strategies creating beautiful costumes, identity structures, and shape shifting tools to relate with the world and others.  

Underneath all the costumes, personas, and illusionary projections you wear for the world, is the Real You! 

On the one hand we all wish to be truly seen, which includes being understood, heard, felt, and honored. Yet to be seen is to open and be vulnerable at our core, allowing our heart to be touched and even crack open, to shine outward the light of our Real, Honest, Sacred, and Holy Self.

The truth is we can really only be seen by another who has polished their inner mirror and can hold a depth of love and presence at their core. This is why looking through a see of illusion to other people who have not polished their inner mirror, will never fulfill the deeper longing of our Souls to be truly seen with the eyes of love. 

Intimacy Soul Sessions are an answer to a request from the Divine Mother asking me to create a Sacred Container where I look inside another to "See" the true essence of their Soul, to help others remember what has been clouded and lost.

Intimacy Soul Sessions are an opportunity to be seen for who you are in order to help you remember your true self, and perhaps take the first steps toward Emerging as the fullest expression of your Authentic Self into this life.


What You Receive

After looking inside to see "you", I will relay the vision and messages from your Soul to help you attune to your true essence. Then we’ll open to receive divine guidance that supports your full-fledged, joyful and authentic True Self Emergence into this life. This guidance will include a reading of the core structures and patterns that require transformation for repairing and healing your energetic architecture, in order to support your full emergence. You will leave the session being fully seen and witnessed as the brilliant light being you came here to be with your unique essence. You will be provided with actionable steps to begin reclaiming your life force energy so you can cultivate a life that welcomes your Real Self into the space. 

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Receive True Relationship Clarity & Peace

Heal Relationship Wounds

Fall Inside Love 


Our relationships mirror to us the most important relationship in our life; our self-relationship. They show us our opportunity for inner healing, but you must know how to listen to the messages being communicated to you through your inner relationship system, so that you can transform all your relationships into joyful playmates. 

No matter what relationship challenge you are experiencing, healing in relationships is possible. You can experience the deepest love, joy, ease, and playfulness in your relationships. If you're longing for relationship, looking for The One, or healing from a broken heart, a relationship session can help you unlock the doorway to your heart and invite in love. 

Relationships Include

Family, mom, dad, spouse, partners, children, ex-partners, friends, co-workers, clients, groups, community, humanity, and aquantences.

Issues To Address Can Include And Are Not Limited To 
  • Blocks to finding "Love" or "The One"
  • Relationship issues such as feeling unloved, unseen, unheard, not acknowledged, not enough, unsupported, devalued, don't matter, unimportant, or everyone else comes first
  • Repeating relationship patterns such as disagreements, miscommunications, conversations, fights, defensiveness, running away, withdrawal, collapsing, people pleasing, being a doormat, sweeping things under the rug, conflict avoidant, or boundary violations
  • Betrayals, emotional hurts, anxiety, grief, anger or rumination
  • Healing a broken heart, forgiveness/unforgiveness issues
  • Opening the heart to receive¬†
  • Trauma wounds from the past including past lives, this life wounding, inner child wounds, and healing parts and shadows
  • Experiences and feelings such as not belonging, not fitting in, or being cut out, tossed aside, forgotten, or an afterthought
  • Communication fears, worries, anxiety,¬†
  • Confusion & uncertainty¬†
  • Losses
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 Your Body Is A Communicator of Messages

From Your Soul

Listen To Body Issues, Diagnosis & Symptoms

Return To Wholeness


Our bodies, as vehicles of divinity and love, actually communicate to us where we have trapped unconscious energies, unresolved emotional and mental trauma, even unhealed past life wounds, through illness, pains, disease, and numerous bodily symptoms and health diagnosis. 

Everything is energy.

Where we place our consciousness, directs our life force energy.

Body health issues, disease, toxicity, and painful symptoms are more often than not the result of stuck/trapped life force energy. Our trapped life force energy leads to disharmony within the body that shows up through numerous body symptoms that are then labeled with a term that becomes our diagnosis. The underlying cause of the health problem must be addressed, not just through physical needs, but also energetic. This is because the underlying cause of health issues is often unconscious, stuck, unresolved wounds, traumas, unhelpful cognitive beliefs and behaviors of the past, even ancestral programs. We are literally being run on autopilot by an old Neural Map of Reality and Default Mode Network. This will eventually show up in our bodies through health issues, disease, toxicity, weight problems, and many other painful symptoms. 

The body keeps the score!

Unconscious wounding creates a state of stress, anxiety, and patterns of dissociation that can cause us to further make poor behavioral choices for diet, our environment including the people we hang around, the conversations we have with loved ones that are ego driven running the same automatic unhelpful programs, and the thoughts we repeatedly unconsciously run. 

All of this can also invite unwanted guests such as energetic and non-physical parasites, entities, spirit attachments, energy cords, and forces that further exacerbate health issues. 

Epigenetics shows us our environment impacts our genetics, and the cell. Our main environment is us, our consciousness, and where we place that awareness then has an effect on everything. Bruce Lipton Ph.D., author of The Biology of Belief, Dr. Richard Gerber author of Vibrational Medicine, and author of Molecules of Emotion, Candace Pert Ph.D., are great leading edge resources to understand more in-depth how our consciousness plays a role in our health, dis-ease, and disease. Meditation, breath work, and other healing modalities can benefit us, but we must also address the root of underlying suppressed energies, in order to get our life force energy flowing. Then the body can do what it does best; repair, heal, and restore itself to its divine body.

We are in a time where many people are using healing breath work, meditation, and raising the energy out of the body to the upper chakras, to create transformation and healing. This can work beautifully. Yet, if we use these tools on top of a system that is wounded, and a childhood that has unhealed traumas, we now run a spiritual bypass, lifting our energy up into the upper chakras, as a means to get out of the body, which further adds to the dissociation of the Soul trauma.

What we actually need to do is dive down into the body to heal, and help the lower three chakras release trapped energy first, so we can transform our energetic architecture and create flow in the body. The Soul can now come back home to the body because there is now a sense of belonging, safety, that it's welcome, heard, valuable, and special exactly as the Soul we are is made to be. Then the spiritual tools being taught by leading edge teachers for raising the life force energy from the lower chakras into the upper chakras, are not being used to bypass human trauma for a spiritual experience. Our bodies want to actually wake up into divinity with our Soul.

We are not meant to leave the bodies for spiritual experiences, riding high in the upper chakras. We are meant to bring these bodies along the spiritual awakening journey so they become rainbow light bodies. 

For example, heavy metal toxicity is an energetic attempt to maintain healthy subtle body boundaries in the third chakra and auric field, usually because there was a boundary violation when young. By addressing the original root problem we release the trapped energy, repair the wound of broken boundaries in the past, even past lives, perhaps create new cognitive awareness about boundaries and lovability, then the body can easily release heavy metals through detox protocols.

Furthermore, broken boundaries create a whole other set up in the person that needs to be healed so that they can finally feel safe, release the stress, and start fully living in the present moment because they are not being unconsciously run by automatic default mode networks to keep them fighting to stay safe.

When the original Soul wounds are healed, the individual is free to expand their consciousness into higher states of being, raise the sacred secretion from the lower chakras and experience the divine being they have always been, while being inside a body.  

We are not our diagnosis!

We are not our symptoms!

We are Souls of Loving Awareness.

Your body is an instrument of the Divine.

You can heal into the wholeness of your Being.

This service uses many psychic gifts, including clairvoyant energy to look inside the body and issue. We may address the payoffs and secondary gains that keep patterns, limitations, and dis-ease stuck and unhealed. We'll also unlock the divine purpose for the body issue, receive the gifts of clarity, and open to a new perspective to heal bodily symptoms and dis-ease. When we receive the divine gifts of our illness, healing restoration can truly begin. 

A Vast Category Including
and not limited to 
  • Physical Health Concerns:¬†Issues related to illness, dis-ease/ disease, unexplained body symptoms, health diagnosis labeling symptoms, pain, endocrine system, hormones, sexual anatomy, organ issues, bones, mineral imbalances, TMJ, joints, back issues, sinuses, inflammation, low energy, exhaustion, healing after surgery, mold toxicity, parasites, heavy metals, viruses, detoxing vaccines, and more.¬†
  • Emotional concerns: anxiety, depression, emotional dysregulation, longstanding worry, sadness, and grief.
  • Body issues:¬†weight gain/loss, dietary issues, being on a "diet" all the time, lack of body love, sexual dysfunction¬†
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Open to Infinite Receivership

Collapse Abundance Blockers & Not Enough Timelines

Release Ancestral Money Holds  


What money patterns, lack consciousness programs, or family system money issues have you trapped or looping in an unhealthy relationship with money. Or worse, limiting belief structures in your relationship with money? 

Whether you want to clear money blocks to access greater abundance, address repeating negative patterns with money, heal your relationship with money, forgive money betrayals, or fall in love with money, the deeper root of our money issues are never really about money! 

Ready To Stop Manifesting & Start Infinitely Receiving 

If you are ready stop the cycle of manifestion protocols that actually don't address the truth about wealth and keep you stuck in limitations, a money consultation is a great first step toward accessing infinite receivership in ease. 

Issues To Address Can Include
  • Money Wounds: Fear of not having enough, actually not having enough, over-paying, overspending, over-giving, gift giving for love, money betrayals, using money to feel safe, secure, loved, even wanted, not paying attention to money, repeated money patterns of loss, being stolen from, lied to, or feeling cheated around money.
  • Money Beliefs: Lack consciousness, judgments like it's too much or not enough, not receiving believing it takes from another, tit-for-tat beliefs. Have to "work hard to earn", manipulate, control, and there is only so much to go around.¬†
  • Money Issues: Money betrayals, debt, fixed income, owing more than you earn, big financial losses, can't buy what you want, someone else controls your money, using money to control another or being controlled, have to ask before you can spend, spending money and hiding it from your partner, hiding money from your partner, fear and uncertainty.
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 Unlock Creative Possibilities

Embrace Your Soul's Purpose

Live Your Joyful Passion  


Within you lies the Seed of Your Soul, which holds the perfect blueprint for your Joyful, Divine Destiny. You know exactly who you are, why you are here, and what your life is to be on Earth.

Unfortunately, blocks to the self-actualization of our Soul Seeds are numerous. They stem from our childhood and ancestral programing, and include even seemingly helpful, protective energies placed upon you as a child, or unconscious limiting belief structures. The layers that block self-actualization can be numerous, yet they are also quite easy to repair and clear.  

When the energies and densities are untangled and blocks are cleared, realignment with the Seed of Your Soul, is natural and effortless. With commitment, practice, and an upgrade in spiritual tools, nurturning, watering, and tending to the Seed of Your Soul becomes incredibly natural.

Attuning with the Angels, your Divine Team, and Divine Masters is a profoundly beautiful means to receive the spiritual medicine to nurture and unlock the Seed of Your Soul's Destiny. It's super fun too!

 Career Passion Purpose & Business Blocks Include 

Feeling stuck in a rut and joyless with your career, creatively blocked overall, feel limited in choices regarding your work, hit a glass ceiling, uncertain of your Soul's passions and purpose, can't take action, or can't seem to get your business idea, coaching practice, or creative idea off the ground, or you lack overall clarity for next steps in creating something new.

Business Support

Businesses have their own energetic structures that are connected to the business owner's energetic architecture as well. If a business is not doing well, a shift in the energetic structure of the business can help, but the business is also reflecting to the owner what the owner may need to heal within themselves for personal transformation.

When business is addressed from divine alignment with ones Seed Soul of Destiny, there is flow, joy, even magic and infinite possibilities. Business support can include intuitive coaching and spiritual guidance to aid in ones passion coming to fruition, aligned in their Soul Seeds of Destiny. 

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Transform Empathic Sensitivities

Into True Gifts

Find Psychic Freedom

Go Beyond Being Psychic & Embrace Your Intuitive


When our spiritual gifts are opening, heightened, and out of balance, we are usually caught surviving rather than thriving with psychic gifts. We can turn our psychic abilities into intuitive gifts that serve our highest good, making life flow with ease, magic, and so much joy!   

The Empaths with clairsentient gifts often have overly empathic sensitivities that can lead to unexplained body symptoms - that don't belong to you -,  stuck energies and energy cords. Empaths often use avoidant behaviors and strategies to cope with their gifts, which is a survival structure, coupled with beliefs and judgments of other's energy to validate their safety avoidant coping strategy. They are essentially disempowered in their gifts, lacking energetic boundaries, and are controlled by outside forces such us not being able to be around people or certain situations. Overly empathic abilities can also be a response and outcome of  survival systems from previous traumatic, painful childhood experiences or wounding timelines.

Psychic vision / clairvoyance can be supportive and even fun, yet bombarding visions can occur such as seeing unwelcomed beings, painful premonitions, and even dark energies, leaving the receiver perhaps feelings scared and uncertain what the visions require or mean. This can cause them to shut their vision down, which then leads to soul suffering and even health challenges. Worse yet, there can even be a dissociation into the upper Ajna and Sahasara Chakras, making daily life a challenge particularly in the areas of work, finances, relationships, emotions, and health. What do we do with our visions and premonitions? How can we use our psychic vision to help us in everyday life, or even attune to future possibilities to bring them into the present for magical play and creation? We can use our clairvoyance to visualize a new outcome, see helpful spiritual guides in the other realms, journey with ease to receive new insights and visionary information, and understand how to even use vision to change an outcome. 

Those with Clairaudient Gifts and Channels are most suseptible to negative thought forms, unconsciously attuning to the negative voices running through the ethers believing it's their own, to having seemingly helpful angels and guides offer whispering "support" that's not so supportive and intended to pull them off the path of divinity. This is a beautiful gift when the recipient can learn the necessary skills and tools for clearly accessing helpful, loving, supportive clairaudient frequencies, words, and energy. The clairaudient can access loving spiritual support and insights through automatic writing, skillfully attuning to external audible messages, learning how to attune their volume and auditory dial to what they want to hear, and hear and sing the light code frequencies of higher dimensions pouring down into humanity for transformation. 

Those with Claircognizant psychic gifts may not understand how to use their automatic, quick paced awareness. They may also suffer from mental clutter, a tendency to over analyze, which leaded to analysis paralyisis, and an ego control mechanism set up that blocks this beautiful gift and associated energy center from receiving clear downloads and inner knownings without knowing how you know. The other challenges of this gift are not recognizing when you think a thought versus picking up the collectives thoughts or another individuals thoughts, and then believing this is your "thought" or psychic hit. Another detriment is that any "should" program will block the owner following through on inner guidance. It's why it's so imperative to do the inner clean up healing work around beliefs, childhood wounds, and other unconscious saboteurs so gifts of the claircognizant can actually be received and used. 

To Truly Be Intuitive  you must know how to access your inner dial for both receiving channels and data as well for volumn. If the person does not understand their personal frequency dial for receiving psychic data and how to properly attune to their dial, as well as how to turn up or down the volumn, they will either be caught in a survival system or will most likely misuse their psychic gifts, causing unintentional energetic harm to themselves and others.

Soul healing is required for any psychic gift to become a truly intuitive Soul gift. Understanding healthy boundaries, spiritual techniques for mastering ones energy anatomy, and healing personal blind spots to intuition are just a few key ingredients to owning ones gifts. The Highly Sensitive Psychic Soul can move beyond surviving with psychic empathy to truly being an empowered intuitive, empath, wise, clairvoyant, and channel. 

Everyone is psychic!

We are all picking up on psychic data, energy, fields, forces, and information from around us, the collective, and through any place we direct our consciousness.

Learning how your particular energetic system works and healing any co-dependant bonds that would keep you disempowered in your gifts is how you can truly harness psychic data and empower yourself to become a Clear Intuitive. 

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Integrate Spiritual Experiences

Awakenings Ascension & Ceremony Support

Embracing Joy Inside the Dark Night Dives for Light 


We are in a tremendous time of transformation and awakening on planet Earth. Mother Gaia is a being and as she is ascending many of us are feeling the sloughing off of the lower dimensional energies in our bodies, the collective, and Mother Earth.

Walking the spiritual path of transformation, ascension, and awakening can be an arduous journey with rewards and benefits far exceeding the deep dive excavations for soul healing and transformation. However, the journey can at times feel daunting, isolating, uncertain, confusing, and even painful. Although the journey of ascension is ours and ours alone, there are Angels and Earth Angels here to offer a helping hand, guidance, and even energetic support for ones Soul healing and awakening into higher state of consciousness. 

If you are walking the ascension pathway, you are on a healing journey that requires diving for light. In those deep dives, we meet the shadows of our unconscious, unhealed past life traumas, and even the unhealed human collective trauma. It is imperative that we know how to dive into the depths for healing with grace, love, and gratitude. In this way we receive the gifts of the dark nights and the soul deep dives for light so we can rise up and expand into greater states of awareness and consciousness, while being deeply grounded and supported in our body shifts. 

Whether you are going through a dark night of the soul, integrating after plant ceremony, or learning how to stay sane in an insane world, being in the world but not of it, this specific Intuitive Analysis can support your spiritual pathway. 

What makes me a resource for this specific Intuitive Consultation? I'm walking this pathway and have been for many years. I have done many dark soul nights, supported myself through the wild ride of spiritual experiences and awakenings, and know the integration pathway after ceremony. My natural highly intuitive capacities coupled with my educational background also serve as a great resource for integration after ceremony. You can receive tools for navigating awakenings, and higher guidance to help support your Soul's ascension journey. I have also supported individuals who have gone through plant ceremony with reputable organizations that needed further guidance and assistance with integration back into their every day life, and teach the skills to work with being in the in-between state of transition- not in ones old reality, but gestating as the new is still forming. 

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